Tex is a sort of idiot savant barista at Fortnum's.  He has many cats (an illegal number), including Tiddles, Winky, Petunia, and Flossy, plus he cat-sits professionally. He also has a shotgun, tear gas, and probably hand grenades.  He drives a bronze El Camino, listens to old rock and roll, watches a TV so old that it doesn't have a remote, and still uses a rotary phone. In general, he hasn't left the seventies and likes it that way.  He also loves mayhem but is protective of the Rock Chicks.


"It was Grizzly Adams, but the serial killer version. He was enormous, had lots of wild, blond hair, a thick, seriously overlong (we’re talking ZZ Top here) russet beard and was wearing a flannel shirt even though it had to be nearly ninety degrees. He was also carrying a shotgun and had some kind of freaky-ass goggle apparatus on the top of his head." - Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-04). Rock Chick (Kindle Locations 1283-1286).


He was a soldier in Vietnam.  After he came back from the war he stopped communicating with his family in Brownsburg.  He became a vigilante and eventually went to prison for killing a drug-dealer.  His neice, Roxie Logan started writing letters to him in prison and was the only one of the family with whom he'd communicate.  When he got out, he became even more reclusive, staying on one block as a self-appointed protector of the neighborhood.  Eventually Indy Savage got him off the block and interacting with society again.