Teddy "Coxy" Wilcox is the main villain in Rock Chick .  He's related to mob family back East, and before the book begins he translates that into a burgeoning criminal enterprise in Denver.  He's crazy enough to make enemies of all the Denver heady hitters, both lawful and criminal.  They band together to disrupt his operation and get him out, but in the process kick off the adventures that involve Indy Savage.  Once she comes to his attention, he decides he wants her as his woman, and starts psychotically courting her.  


"He was wearing gray slacks, a maroon shirt with a monochromatic tie. He was short, had to be in his fifties and had jet black hair with white at each temple. He looked like what I would guess a younger Grandpa Munster would look like. Except a lot more creepy and definitely scary but not in a comic way". - Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-04). Rock Chick (Kindle Locations 1389-1391).

Well-deserved EndEdit

Eventually he's caught by the hot bunch, who hand him over to Gino (part of his mob family back east).  Gine makes him desappear.