He's the owner of Smithie's, a strip club (or titty bar, if you prefer) where Jet McAlister worked as a cocktail waitress.  He's forever trying to recruit Rock Chicks to work for him, but is constantly thwarted by their men.  He's a loyal  person and takes good care of his employees and the other people in his life.  Darius Tucker owes him a marker.  He drinks latte with the butterscotch syrup


"Smithie had clothes in the closets of four different women and they didn’t seem to mind sharing. This could be because a little of Smithie went a long way. It also could be that Smithie had a big enough heart to keep them all happy. It could be a bit of both." - Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-04). Rock Chick Rescue (Kindle Locations 10494-10495).


  • Significant Other: Lateesha and three unnamed other women