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Book 3 in the Rock Chick Series , Rock Chick Redemption tells the tale of the courtship between Roxie and Hank.

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Roxie Logan is on the run from a bad boyfriend who just will not catch a hint that it is o-v-e-r. She’s not in the mood for love at first sight. Unfortunately, her eyes fall on Hank Nightingale and she knows it’s trouble from the get-go. Roxie tries to hold Hank at arm’s length, but Hank wants to be a lot closer (as in, a lot a lot). Roxie’s trouble catches up with her and Hank wants to help, but Roxie knows in her heart that she’s no good for a White Hat-type of guy. The problem is, no one agrees with her, especially her crazy, hippie, best friend, Annette, or her parents, the even crazier small town Herb and Trish. Roxie’s got the odds stacked up against her and has no choice but to hold on and just ride it out through kidnappings, car chases, society parties and a wild night at the Haunted House.


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“You are. These boys need women who can take the heat without meltin’ like butter, and sometimes that heat is fiery. They need women who can give back their shit so they don’t walk all over ‘em and get bored out of their fucking skulls. And they need women who can go soft when the situation demands because they get hard knocks on a regular basis, sometimes literally, and comin’ home to somethin’ soft is the only way to cope.”

- Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-04). Rock Chick Redemption (Kindle Locations 7213-7216).

“You made a mistake with your old boyfriend. Don’t make another one.”
“Duke –”
“You told Hank that Flynn wasn’t gonna control your life and still, you’re lettin’ him.” I felt the wind go out of me, like I’d been punched in the stomach. He leaned into me. “Get smart girl. You don’t, you’ll only have yourself to blame.”

- Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-04). Rock Chick Redemption (Kindle Locations 7222-7228).

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