A friend of Indy Savage.  She appears primarily in Rock Chick.  She's an avid member of the "Lee and Indy Sex Watch" and has a vested interested because she was recruited by Indy repeatedly in the past for Lee maneuvers.


"Marianne Meyer lived next door to the Nightingale’s in Washington Park all the while we were growing up. She was between Lee and Ally and me in age and she was a good friend. She had been fettered by a scoliosis brace in junior high and orthodontics in high school. She married a jerk, got a divorce and moved back in with her parents a year ago. Marianne was taking her divorce hard and living with her parents at age thirty-one harder. She was five foot five and used to be cute as a button, but the divorce was taking its toll and she was drowning her sorrows in Oreos. She was a nurse at Pres-St. Luke’s, took the evening shifts so she’d have her days free and had made house hunting a full-time hobby." - Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-04). Rock Chick (Kindle Locations 1092-1097).