Hi there! This is an encyclopedia of the books from author Kristen Ashley.  Come and visit to satisfy your KA trivia needs - whether you want to know what book Smithie first appeared in or how Hank Nightingale likes his coffee, no detail is too obscure.  


Here are the books that the wiki currently covers (the rest just have stub pages):

Note, this wiki is fan-created, so....Obsessively detailed - yes.  Officially sanctioned - no.

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Latest activityEdit

So far, only some of the books are done (not that a wiki is ever done, done, know). The initial pages for all the other books and series exist on the wiki, but aren't methodically fleshed out like the "completed" ones are.

Please add and edit content if you feel so inclined.  Here are some good examples of pages: BJ’s Carousel (a place), Lee Nightingale (a character), and Rock Chick Rescue (a book) in case you want to know what sort of info to add.