Henrietta "Jet" Louise McAlister.  She used to work at Arapahoe Credit Union and Smithie's, and still works at Fortnum's.  She was hired at Fortnum's at the very end of Rock Chick.

Tex started calling her "Loopy Loo" when she preferred Eddie Chavez think her a racist rather than have someone explain that she liked him.

Coffee preference: cappuccino, no sugar


She's pretty, girl-next-door hot, and with a knock-out smile. She's five foot seven; ash blonde or honey-blond hair and hazel green eyes.

"Jet, honey blonde, green-eyed and pretty;" - Ashley, Kristen (2011-11-13). Rock Chick Reckoning (Kindle Location 1102).


  • Significant Other: Eddie Chavez
  • Children: Alex Chavez, Dante Chavez and Cesar Chavez