Hank Nightingale is the ultimate good guy, boy next door.  He fixed his house up himself so that he could afford to live in that neighborhood on a cop's salary.  He is a third generation detective in the Denver PD (Vice), drives a 4runner, and drinks his coffee black.  Roxie Logan calls him "Whiskey."


"Henry “Hank” Nightingale was captain of the football team, prom king and voted Best Athlete, Most Popular, one half of Best Couple and Best Smile. He’s six foot one, has thighs that could crack walnuts, has just the right assets to fill both the seat and crotch of his jeans, a killer smile, thick, dark brown hair with just enough wave and whisky-colored eyes. In high school, Hank was good-natured, chivalrous and had a steady girl. Not much has changed (except there was no longer a girl)." - Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-04). Rock Chick (Kindle Locations 133-137).
"Hank looks like no one I’d ever seen before. To put it simply, he’s beautiful. He’s tall with thick dark hair, whisky-colored eyes and the lean, well-muscled body of a linebacker.  Hank has a cause: Hank’s about justice.  And Hank has more cool in his pinkie finger at any given moment than Billy would have in a lifetime." - Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-04). Rock Chick Redemption (Kindle Locations 78-82).



Main Book: Rock Chick Redemption, but also makes appearances in