Dawn is a recurring character in the Rock Chick Series, mostly serving as the source of insecurity for the heroines and of a source of humor for everyone.  She starts as the receptionist for Nightingale Investigations in Rock Chick and is dating a Bronco linebacker, but is clearly interested in getting romantically involved with Lee or, failing that, any of the other men she works with.

To a man, they are uninterested.

In Rock Chick Renegade, Monty and Mace overhear her saying bad things to her girlfriends about Jules when she's in the hospital.  Lee fires her immediately and Brody makes a video of her with a soundtrack called "the Bitch is Back"

She later turns up as Ren Zeno's receptionist in Rock Chick Revenge, with a similar pattern of looking down at the Rock Chicks, trying to get an Alpha Badass to take her on, and not having any luck.


"...a glamorous blonde woman who looked like a supermodel sitting behind the reception desk." - Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-04). Rock Chick (Kindle Locations 5613-5614). 
"She was wearing designer clothing, she had a fresh French manicure and her yearly budget for hair highlights probably was more than my new furniture." (Indy) - Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-04). Rock Chick (Kindle Locations 5618-5619).
“Dawn’s organized, cordial, always on time, willing to do overtime at a moment’s notice and doesn’t get flustered easily. I know she’s attracted to me but she’s my employee and she’s a good one. No way I’d touch her. You don’t shit where you live.” - (Lee) Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-04). Rock Chick (Kindle Locations 5660-5662).
"She looked like she’d just walked off a runway, high cheekbones, shiny blonde hair, ten pounds underweight; absolutely beautiful."  - Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-04). Rock Chick Redemption (Kindle Locations 5585-5586).