She bonds with Jet McAlister over their shared Smithie's girl experience and soon comes to be a regular at Fortnum's and a recurring character in the Rock Chick Series.  She can't have children, but she has a maternal instinct, so she adopts the Rock Chicks as they go through their courtship adventures.  She drives a Mercedes.


"Dolly Parton, or a fair impersonation of her, was standing in the doorway, big blonde hair, tiny body, enormous knockers, wearing a pink negligee set, complete with marabou feathers, even on the high-heeled slippers she wore. I realized she wasn’t Dolly because she had to be my age or maybe a year or two older." - Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-04). Rock Chick Rescue (Kindle Locations 3901-3903). 

She's usually described as having a tinkle-bell laugh and usually wears sparkly, skin-tight clothes.


  • Significant Other: Marcus Sloan
  • Children: Annamae Sloan and Stretch Sloan